Hajdúböszörményi Szálláshelyek


Bungalow of Bodaszőlő

In a wonderful environment, in the heart of the forest the Bungalow of Bodaszőlő awaits its guests who are looking to relax.

The holiday-home is able to conveniently accommodate 32 persons. It has 8 rooms with showers, and one of those are wheelchair accessible, it has a large parlor, as well as a well-equipped kitchen to provide worry-free rest. The holiday-home also provides an excellent location for organizing events, family reunions, kindergarten-, school excursions and company gatherings.







For groups The Holiday-house is able to take in 32 persons, booking accommodation from minimum 10 persons (max. 15 persons). 32 2.200.- 
 For big groups Above 15 persons. 32 2.000.- 
 For school groups  For one night stay 32 1.800.- 
 For school groups In case of minimum 2 nights, above 20 persons free of charge for 2 teachers. 32 1.500.- 
 Holiday-house  For friendship communities, companies 32 50.000.- 
 For groups  One day recreation. For during the day programs without guest night - 10.000.- 


The prices don’t contain taxes.

For the institutions of Hajdúböszörmény we are able to provide the following discounts!

For school groups, classes (children) since the first night we guarantee the 1500.-Ft/person/night accommodation price + for 2 adult attendants the accommodation is free of charge, the attendants only need to count with a 400.-Ft/person/night TAX. For friendship communities, companies 1 night in the Holiday-house is 35.000 Ft + TAX 400.-Ft/person/night. For during the day programs for groups without guest night 10.000.-Ft.

In the area of the establishment our staff members upon request can help with the preparation and serving of meals.

OFFER: If you book for 6 nights only 5 nights have to be paid!

Operator: the Bodaszőlőért (public) Association


Available programs:

  • touring
  • wild life seeing
  • viewing of cultural attraction on horse-drawn carriage
  • forest- and wild life management presentation
  • handicraft activities
  • tasting outdoor meals


Free of charge services:

(prearrangement is necessary)

  • Carriage riding
  • Clay pot making
  • Wattle-work making presentation
  • Forest management and/or wild life management lectures
  • Day and night wild life observation


H-4220 Hajdúböszörmény Bodaszőlő

+36 52 219 149; +36 20 346 57 76

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É 47○ 38’ 43.59”, K 21○ 35’ 39.04”