Hajdúböszörményi Szálláshelyek


Fürdőkert Youth Hostel


Category C Youth Hostel

Open: throughout the entire year


Our youth hostel is offered primarily to school groups, sport clubs, friendship communities, above 20 persons.

Single or smaller group reservations we can only accept if along with it there are other bookings as well within the hostel.


The Fürdőkert Youth Hostel is able to provide accommodation for 54 persons in total, out of which 2 persons have possibility to enjoy a wheelchair accessible environment. Out of the 14 bedrooms 4 have its own bathroom, and one of those rooms and its water block are also wheelchair accessible.

Fürdőkert Holiday Center is an 11 acre area with woods, parks, and it is one of the best and most ideal places where to spend leisure time, and it guarantees comfortable climate even in the summer heat.

The building has a 165 m2 large kitchen and restaurant, which is fit for the preparation of 100 portions of hot meal, thus besides providing meals for the hostel guests, it is able to cater for various event as well that are organized here. The hall is large enough to receive 150 persons for an organized event.

The Holiday Center that serves as a youth accommodation during the school year, besides the summer camps it hosts several other big city events as well (such as Kexx-fest, Motorcycle rally, Folk dance camp), its area is provided with the basic infrastructure. From the city center (which is the bus terminal as well) it is easily approachable – on foot within 5-10 minutes. The train station can be found in the direct neighborhood of the Fürdőkert (Spa Garden), as well as the Sport Center of Hajdúböszörmény.

In the vicinity of the Holiday Center there are several possibilities for holiday activities for those coming to the city. From application sources in 2011-ben a playground was built according to EU standards with 13 different game elements.

Various sporting possibilities (soccer, basketball, volleyball, ping-pong, table soccer, upon request paintball, airsoft, field target), hand craft activities, as well as outdoor cooking possibilities are waiting for the visiting families. During the days spent here, there are many cultural attractions, holiday programs, as well as a wide range of excursion possibilities in the city too.

The parking place is provided within the area of establishment for the arriving guests, having expanded our current asphalt road with a substantial addition, and building a parking lot by the road.


Youth accommodation

Up to 3 years old free of charge, above 20 persons one attendant is accommodated free of charge, above 18 years old the payment of + 400 Ft TAX is necessary.





 Apartment  with full board  14 6.250.- 
 Apartment  with half board  14 5.450.- 
 Apartment  only accommodation without board  14 3.000.- 
 Youth accommodation  with full board  40 5.750.- 
 Youth accommodation  with half board  40 4.950.- 
 Youth accommodation  only accommodation without board  40 2.500.- 




Camp prices

Up to 3 years old free of charge, above 20 persons one attendant is accommodated free of charge, above 18 years old the payment of + 400 Ft TAX is necessary.
Camp prices (above 20 persons at least for 4 nights), during the winter season we give a +500 Ft discount!





 Apartment  with full board  14 5.750.- 
 Apartment  with half board  14 5.450.- 
 Apartment  only accommodation without board  14 2.500.- 
 Youth accommodation  with full board  40 5.450.- 
 Youth accommodation  with half board  40 4.550.- 
 Youth accommodation  only accommodation without board  40 2.200.- 





A convenience of the guests of the hostel is guaranteed by the following services

  • Open all year
  • 24 hours reception
  • Hot meal restaurant
  • Event hall
  • Relaxation room
  • Playroom
  • Sport tools-toys rental
  • Sport fields (soccer, basketball, tennis)
  • Outdoor cooking
  • Luggage deposit





 Menu (Ft/person)




900 Ft

800 Ft

1.550 Ft
 Smorgasbord breakfast

1.000 Ft/person


Hajdúböszörmény, Nagy István street 38/A

+36 20 367 33 39

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